The Chance Of A Lifetime

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In my last post I wrote about an incident that changed my life. Near the end of the story I wrote THANK YOU to all those that helped me. I don’t know how many them will read my post but recently I got an opportunity few people will.

My best friend’s daughter recently met a young man in her college anatomy class. Somehow their conversation changed to her mother’s injury which still effects her today. When details of when and where the injury took place the young man began to give details he couldn’t have guessed. It turned out this young man is the son of one of the EMTs that responded that faithful night on Friday, October 13, 1989. The circumstances of our accident were so unique they couldn’t be confused for another.

This left me with an opportunity I thought I would never get. I quickly asked my friend to ask her daughter to ask the young man to convey my most sincerest thanks and appreciation for being there for us.

I always try to say thank you when someone says or does something to express my appreciation. Other times I express my appreciation in a more substantial manner. Regardless whether you say it or do it never forget to express your appreciation to others when it counts. If you don’t you may never get that opportunity again. But if you get that second chance to say thank you, do it. It’s the chance of a lifetime.

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